LinkedIn is rolling out Articles for Pages in an attempt to bolster engagement and content across the platform.

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According to Microsoft, LinkedIn sessions grew 30% during the final three months of 2020. The platform’s total revenues rose 23% during the same period.

Articles for Pages are an extended version of LinkedIn’s longer blogger pieces.

While members have been able to draft long articles and share organic posts to their feeds for a while now, companies and brands were limited to a number of characters.

That’s about to change with Articles for Pages.

Now brands can leverage long-form content to more effectively engage with audiences and present their content and options using quotes, links, images and video embeds.

The tool includes call-to-action functions that marketers can use to redirect users to websites.

One of the best features of the addition are its audience insights which could provide valuable information about target audiences.

At the same time, the company announced that it would be adding more exposure and engagement for LinkedIn Live Events. Virtual events continue to immerse users and help brands grow their audiences.

Companies can now sponsor streams for a target audience and share auto notifications to event registrants and page followers.

What’s more, brands can leverage LinkedIn Live with fewer followers now.

LinkedIn also added Brand Lift Testing to measure the impact of ads on brand reception, Reach Optimization to optimise ads toward the number of unique member accounts, and Reach and Frequency Forecasting that lets users predict reach and frequency for their brand awareness campaigns.

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