PUBG Mobile from Tencent reached over $7 billion in global lifetime player spending from the App Store and Google Play, according to Sensor Tower data.

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In 2021 alone, the game (including its Chinese version) accumulated $2.6 billion in revenues and ranked second behind Honor of Kings and Genshin Impact.

PUBG Mobile hit a record $771 million in Q3 2021, generating some $8.1 million a day in 2021.

The game generated 57% of its revenues in China, followed by the US (11.8%) and Japan (4.2%).

The App Store accounted for the majority of player spending at a total revenue of 81%. Google Play accounted for 19% of revenues.

Outside of China, the App Store accounted for 57% of player spending and Google Play represented 43%.

The findings highlight the continued growth of mobile games and solidify Tencent’s strong position within the market.

Tencent keeps investing in PUBG Mobile esports in the Americas

PUBG Mobile is a huge gaming property with more than $6 billion in lifetime player spending. And while much of that success has been in Asia, Tencent continues to invest in making the mobile game more popular in North America and Western markets.

One of the ways it is doing that is by investing heavily in PUBG Mobile esports. And the PUBG Mobile Pro League North America 2021 event got underway this weekend. The finals of Season 2 for the Americas event has 20 teams competing for the championship, which has a $6 million prize pool this year, compared to last year’s $2 million pool.

While Tencent is happy with the traffic in the western markets, the audience is less than 10% of the total audience in Asia, said James Yang, the global head of PUBG Mobile esports at Tencent, said in an interview with GamesBeat.

But the Western markets are growing and becoming a greater percentage of the audience. This year, it’s more like 15% of the audience. Part of the hope is that other mobile games will catch on as well and get more players in the west excited about mobile esports.

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