Recently, the ASOWorld technical team updated the ranking list of popular applications in November, including the application download list and the revenue list.

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In November’s popular app download list, Top2 is the same as in October, and is still the "Anti-Fraud Center" and "WeChat". Among them, the "Anti-Fraud Center" has an estimated download volume of 1,200w+ in November, ranking first in the download list; "WeChat" "Is ranked second on the download list; while "Pinduoduo" ranks 8th higher than last month and ranks third on the download list.

In November, 4 of the top 30 apps were newly added to the list of popular app downloads, one less than the previous month. The newly-entered lifestyle application "CCB Life" performed strongly. It is reported that the app is a one-stop lifestyle service platform that provides financial services in the Internet mode, and it is also continuously cultivating localized services. The "CCB Life" and "Opening City" activities continued to be carried out. In November, we stepped up efforts to "open the city" in Jilin, Hunan and other provinces and cities, focusing on creating local special scenes such as gourmet food, takeaways, movies, taxis, etc. The rankings were also improved. Traces can be followed.

In terms of the types of apps on the list, photography and video apps and shopping apps have a large number of apps on the list, with 5 apps on the list; life apps are second in number, with 4 apps on the list. It is worth mentioning that during the "November Shopping Carnival", the downloads of shopping apps "Taobao", "Pinduoduo", "Jingdong" and "Dewu" all increased. Among them, "Pinduoduo" had an estimated download volume of 660w+ in that month. , An increase of 250w+ over the previous month, an increase of over 60%.

From the perspective of developers, Alibaba’s apps are still very large, with 7 apps on the list; Tencent’s apps are second with a total of 5; Bytedance’s 3 apps are on the list, ranking third in number.

In November's popular application revenue list, the Top 5 is still "Tik Tok", "QQ Music" and "Iyou Teng".

In November’s popular application revenue list, there are 3 new applications that are on the list, namely "Get", "Love Chat" and "Scan Almighty King". According to observations, during the “November Shopping Carnival”, apps with in-app purchase and subscription services such as “Baidu Netdisk”, “Himalayan”, “Fan Dengshu”, and “Get” all launched corresponding promotional activities, making these apps ranked evenly. There are different degrees of rise.

From the perspective of the types of apps on the list, there were a large number of social apps on the list in November, with a total of 8 on the list; followed by entertainment and books, with 6 and 4 apps on the list respectively. In terms of application vendors, Tencent's applications are still the strongest in attracting money. A total of 8 applications are on the list, and the remaining 22 applications are from different vendors.

It’s not difficult to see from the top apps download list and revenue list in November that "Double Eleven" is not only the world of e-commerce shopping products. With the change of users' consumption views and the upgrading of consumption habits, etc., it is a tool that meets the rigid needs of users. , Pay for knowledge and other categories of apps can also take advantage of the "wind" during the "November Shopping Carnival" to gain money and attract money wildly.

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