Apple won the court stay order at the last minute, without having to adjust the App Store payment method; developers can perform metadata A/B testing on the App in the App Store.

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App Store News

App Store listing status

There were 11368 apps on the shelves last week, a decrease of 387 apps compared to the previous week.

There are a total of 6,665 new apps on the shelves. The number ranked TOP is the tool application, with a total of 832; the second largest in the shopping application, with a total of 631.

Last week, the number of apps removed (including relaunch) was 9,928, a decrease of 542 from the previous week. Among them, 9914 apps were removed from the shelves and 814 games were removed from the shelves.

The most powerful app of the week

The free game list last week was fiercely competitive. Among them, Ohayoo Studio’s casual mobile game "Antique is Play" performed particularly well, occupying the top of the App Store free game list on December 11 and December 12. The estimated download amount is 15w+.

Unique "bargaining" gameplay

"Antique is for fun", like Ohayoo's last hot mobile game "Master of Emerald", is simulated business gameplay. In "antique is fun", the player will become a treasurer, run an antique shop of his own, and obtain income by collecting antiques and then selling them at a high price.

If a player wants to run a good antique shop, he must understand how to "revenue at a low price and sell at a high price". This leads to major gameplay of the game-"bargaining". That's right, this traditional art is hidden in the market. After being moved into the game, players continue to "find faults" for antiques to obtain low prices. Of course, many players accidentally picked the highlights of antiques, and the prices did not drop but increased, and they dug a hole for themselves.

The risk of collecting antiques is unpredictable, depreciating, and increasing in value. It is because of this that it is full of mystery. In the process of operating an antique shop, players can not only gain a sense of accomplishment but also learn a lot of antique knowledge. This is also a player. The reason for entering the pit one after another.

Accurate vertical marketing strategy

Casual games generally have a low threshold. Many of them can be described as "you can play with your hands." Simple and easy-to-operate gameplay is more tolerant. The official timely grasps the casual characteristics of games and focuses on the Douyin platform, which is suitable for all ages.

The ohayoo studio is backed by byte beating, and its traffic pool and publicity capabilities are extraordinary. The promotion of "antique is fun" on the Douyin platform has become popular, and the number of video views under this entry is as high as 140 million.

Investigating the reasons for its success, first of all, the game seized the feature of "bargaining" and continuously released short videos, attracting players to follow the video to "find faults" for antiques. In addition to the official Douyin game publisher plan, the game also used the Douyin game publisher plan to guide users to create short videos. , Aroused widespread concern and discussion.

Secondly, the official keeps burying "stalks" in the game. This is a perfect combination with Douyin's brainwashing ecology. For example, when players find faults with antiques, they can even find antiques with "Ultraman" stickers, which caused a lot of complaints in the comment area. To enhance the sense of participation, many players are eager to try.

"Antique is fun" is loved firstly because of its unique business gameplay, and secondly, the official promotion through short videos to make good use of the situation is also a magic weapon for attracting a steady stream of people.

ASO related update

Keyword update

Last week’s keywords were updated daily at 6 o’clock, 7 o’clock, 8 o’clock, 15:00, and 17:00, among which the time points with more updates were 7 o’clock, 15 o’clock, and 17:00.

Keyword coverage has no large fluctuations and sustainable and stable optimization.

App Store List

List update

The ASO World technical team has monitored that last week (December 06, 2021-December 12, 2021) the App Store free list is updated 8-12 times per day, and the update time is relatively stable, roughly distributed at 0:00. 3:00, 6:00, 9:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00 these 8 time points. Among them, there were many updates on December 10 and December 11, both of which were updated 12 times.

App Store Ranking lists

Application list

In the top 10 list of free apps last week, a total of 16 products were shortlisted, an increase of 3 apps from last week.

Last week, the "Anti-Fraud Center" continued to occupy the top 1 list of free apps for 7 days. The ranking of "Xunfei Input Method" rose significantly. On December 9th, the ranking rose by 157 in a single day and successfully ranked among the top ten free apps.

Game list

In last week's free game list Top10, a total of 17 products were shortlisted, one less than the number on the list the previous week.

Judging from the situation of dominance: Hainan Youyi’s "Holy Soul Dispute" and Ohayoo’s "Antique is Play" each dominated the list for 2 days, and the remaining three days were occupied by "King's Glory", "Final Oath", and "Home". There are three games occupied by "You Xiaodian".

Last week, there were 6 new games on the list: in addition to the aforementioned "Final Oath" and "Family Store", there are also casual idle games "Datang Fairy: National Wind Fantasy Idle" and action games "District". "Hidden Devil Record" and "God Story".

Hot search lists

Hot search apps

Last week, a total of 70 apps were on the hot search, which was the same as the previous week. Among them, the action game "Badminton Master" has been on the list 33 times, with a cumulative total of 4 days, 11 hours, and 20 minutes.

Hot search keywords

Last Monday, there were 79 hot search keywords. In terms of the cumulative time on the list, the keyword "mini-games" remained on the rankings, with a total of 1 day, 8 hours, and 15 minutes on the list.

Most of the most searched keywords in Top10 are tool-related words, such as "wallpaper", "translation software", "map" and so on.

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