After December 31st, in-app paid "online multiplayer activities" must use in-app purchases; Huawei Hongmeng Automobile is officially released; Tencent Music enters Music Metaverse; Baidu Netdisk launches unlimited speed youth version.

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App Store News

App Store listing status

There were 10,521 apps on the shelves last week, a decrease of 926 apps compared to the previous week. Among them, there are a total of 6,124 newly launched apps. The number one is tool apps, with a total of 816; and the second one is life apps, with a total of 632.

Last week, the number of apps removed (including re-releases) totaled 1,007, a decrease of 15,329 compared to the previous week, of which 9,012 apps were removed from the shelves and 995 games were removed from the shelves.

App market trends

On December 23, the card-based mobile game "Demonstration" developed by NetEase was officially launched, and it topped the App Store game list the day after it was launched.

Novel game theme

Different from other development games on the market that focus on love and dress-ups, "Deduction" is a growth-oriented heroine plot development game. It is based on the background of the entertainment industry ecology and selects the identity of an actor and a personal interpretation career. theme. In the game, the player will be transformed into an amateur female protagonist suffering from facial paralysis. After overcoming numerous difficulties, the player will eventually grow into a well-known queen of a thousand faces.

Immersive gameplay

In terms of gameplay, players need to collect joy, anger, sorrow, and fear through deductive characters, and then challenge more complex and advanced characters, which truly restores the current entertainment industry ecology. In the game, you can experience a nearly complete filming process: from auditioning, shooting fixed makeup photos, official shooting, framing, photography, to Weibo promotion after the finale, attending the premiere ceremony, tour promotion, etc., creating a hyper-real entertainment circle for players Atmosphere. At the same time, the scripts that players can experience are also diverse, from martial arts, court, to science fiction, urban emotions, etc., which can be said to include the script types of the current life.

In addition, "Deduction" also has an artist training camp that focuses on immersive gameplay. Players need to conduct special training such as "physical training", "expression exercises", and "training lines". They can read the lines in person by turning on the phone to record and turn on the camera. Practice expressions and other methods greatly increase the fun of the game.

Diversified publicity

With the help of hot events in the entertainment industry and the game industry, the official Weibo of "Deduction" has frequently harvested traffic and even made popular searches. At the same time, it has promoted the game by sending blessings from many talented actors in the entertainment industry such as Myolie Hu and Jiao Enjun, attracting some people to eat melons. The attention of the masses and star chasers.

ASO Related Information

Keyword update

Last week’s keywords were updated daily at 7 o’clock, 9 o’clock, 11 o’clock, 14 o’clock, and 16:00 o’clock, among which the time points with more updates were 7 o’clock and 9 o’clock.

Keyword coverage has no large fluctuations and sustainable and stable optimization.

App store list related information

App Store List update

ASO World tech team monitored that last week (December 20, 2021-December 26, 2021) the App Store free list was updated 8-13 times per day, and the update time is relatively stable, roughly distributed at 0:00. 3:00, 6:00, 9:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00 are 8-time points, among which the number of updates on December 24 is the most *, 13 times in total.

App Store Ranking

Application list

In the top 10 list of free apps last week, a total of 11 products were shortlisted, which is 4 fewer than the apps on the list last week.

Last week, the free app list was relatively stable, and the overall Top10 ranking changed little, and the top apps still maintained a strong competitive advantage. Judging from the Top1 list, the "Anti-fraud Center" has continued to maintain its momentum, occupying the Top1 list for 6 consecutive days.

Game list related information

In last week's free game list Top10, a total of 18 products were shortlisted, one less than the number on the list the previous week.

From the perspective of the dominance, the game-free list last week is highly competitive. Tencent’s old mobile game "Glory of the King" has topped the list for 3 days, and the new NetEase game "Deduction" has topped the list for 2 days. "Return of Stickman" and "Monster Battlefield:" "Dominate the Jurassic" has 1 day each to occupy the top of the list.

There were 5 new games on the list last week: in addition to the aforementioned "Deduction", "Return of Stickman" and "Behemoth Battlefield: Domination of the Jurassic", there are also action mobile games "Xianxia" and cards. The card-based mobile game "Mind Force Story: Polly Is Coming".

From the perspective of ranking changes, the rankings of two games soared last week, namely the old-fashioned casual mobile games "Ski Adventure" and "Angry Birds 2". They both launched "Christmas" welfare activities last week.

Hot search-related information

Hot search apps

Last week, a total of 71 apps were on the hot search, which was 3 less than the previous week. Among them, the classic casual game "Ball Battle" has been on the list 32 times, with the longest time on the list, totaling 3 days, 19 hours and 57 minutes.

Hot search keywords

Last week, there were 77 hot search keywords. In terms of accumulated time on the list, the keyword "simulated driving" ranked highest, with a total of 1 day, 4 hours and 41 minutes on the list.

Most of the most searched keywords in Top10 are tool words, such as "screen recording", "camera", "decoration" and so on.

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