Recently, the ASOWorld technical team has compiled a list of popular games in November, including game download lists and game revenue lists.

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The top 3 downloads of popular games are all from Tencent. The "League of Legends Mobile Game" just released in October this year has remained hot since it went online. It continued to top the list this month. The rankings of the established mobile games "Honor of Kings" and "Peace Elite" rose. , Ranked Top2 and Top3 respectively.

Among the Top 30 downloads of popular games in November, the number of newly added games has decreased compared with the past. There are 10 games in total, accounting for 33% of the top 30. Among the new games on the list, the 4 new mobile games launched in November are particularly prominent, namely "God's Horn Skills", "Wulin Xia Xia", "Hua Yishan Heart Moon" and "Scarlet Heart". In particular, the "Hua Yi Shan Heart Moon" under Chao Xi Guangnian, launched on November 25, occupying the top 26 download list in only 5 days, and its strength cannot be underestimated.

From the perspective of game types, card games have the highest popularity, with a total of 6 on the list, except for the list of "frequents", "Battle of Golden Shovel" and "Harry Potter: Magic Awakening" in the past three months. The 4 new games mentioned this month are also card-type mobile games; the number of action-type games entering the list is slightly lower, with a total of 5 on the list, all of which are veteran mobile games.

From the perspective of vendor distribution, Tencent has 8 games on the list; NetEase comes second with a total of 3 games on the list; Chaoxi Guangnian and Ledou games also have 2 games on the list. It is worth mentioning that Chaoxiguang This month, its two mobile games, "Wulin Xian Xia" and "Hua Yishan Heart Moon", both of which are on the list, are newly launched in November.

In the popular game revenue list, "Glory of the King" has occupied Top1 for 8 consecutive months, "Peace Elite" and "League of Legends Mobile Games" have occupied Top2 and Top3 respectively. Tencent's mobile games have taken the top three in the popular game revenue list for two consecutive months.

Among the top 30 popular games by revenue, there are 2 new games on the list, namely "Tomorrow's Ark" under Eagle Point Network and "Wulin Xia Xia" under Chaoxi Guangnian. Among them, "Tomorrow's Ark" will be launched in November 2021. The "Thank You Celebration" event has received widespread attention, and it has entered the Top 30 revenue list again after a lapse of March; "Wulin Xian Xia" was launched on November 17 and topped the App Store free game list the next day. The national style martial arts is unique, and it is also the original A new mobile game that has entered the top 30 revenue list on a monthly basis.

From the perspective of the type of game, the number of role-playing games on the list is the largest, with a total of 8, occupying 27% of the Top 30 list. Among them, "After Tomorrow" and "Fantasy Xin Zhuxian" have significantly improved their strength this month, and the rankings are respectively It rose by 7 and 10 places to enter the top 20; strategy and action games ranked second in the list, with 6 of them all on the list.

From the perspective of vendor distribution, Tencent’s games have the largest number of games on the list, with a total of 10 games on the list, NetEase has 7 games on the list, and Thunder Games has 3 games on the list. Each manufacturer’s mobile games have entered the list more than the previous month. Stable, with little overall change.

Looking at the top 30 game downloads & revenues this month, although many old games are still strong, the new games are not much better. For example, the "League of Legends Mobile Game" launched in October, and the "Wulin Xia Xia" and "Divine Horn Skills" were launched this month. Although they have been launched soon, they can also be used in the game thanks to the extremely high quality of the game and the excellent initial promotion and operation. Make a splash on the list.

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