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Hot Spots in the Apple App Market

1. The new iPhone SE may be released in March-April next year, priced below US$400

According to reports, there have been reports in the market recently that Apple will launch the next-generation affordable iPhone (tentatively named iPhone SE3) in the first half of 2022. It is expected to be released between March and April. Compatible, and equipped with the latest A15 chip and 5G functions.

A market research agency pointed out that Apple’s pricing of the iPhone SE3 is set at less than US$400, which is further downgraded from the previous generation SE2.

2. Apple announced that the Apple Developer certificate will be updated soon

Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) and Developer ID media certificates will be updated from January 27, 2022.

Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Media Certificate (G4)

The APNs SSL certificate will be issued by a new media certificate (Worldwide Developer Relations G4 sub CA) specifically for APNs. When the new certificate is activated and available for download, you can use it to send push notifications to apps (including VoIP), complications, the Safari website, and the Apple "Wallet" pass.

Apple Developer ID Media Certificate (G2)

The digital certificate you use to sign software and installation packages on macOS will be issued by the new Developer ID media certificate, which will expire on September 16, 2031. The newly issued Developer ID certificate associated with the new media certificate can be used to sign software on Xcode 11.4.1 and later. If you are running Xcode 13.2 or later, when you sign the software after January 28, 2022, the updated certificate will be automatically downloaded. If you are using an earlier version of Xcode, you can manually download the certificate or create a certificate compatible with the previous version of Xcode.

Your existing certificate will continue to be valid until it expires or is revoked, whichever comes first.

3. According to foreign media reports, a large number of Apple Watch Series 7 users have recently experienced charging problems after updating their watchOS 8.3 system.

Many users have found that using a third-party charger to charge the watch, the power has only increased by 2% after 1 hour. Put the watch on the original charger and the charging speed will return to normal.

4. Practical new function of iOS 15.2: You can check whether the iPhone has changed the battery screen and other parts

On the morning of December 23, it was reported that in the iOS 15.2 system, Apple added a new function to check whether the iPhone has been replaced with parts such as the screen battery, and can display whether genuine parts are used.

Last month, Apple announced that it would allow individual users to purchase official parts and repair parts of the iPhone, such as replacing the battery or screen. Currently, the iOS system also supports related functions. In the iOS 15.2 system: Open "Settings" on the iPhone-General-About this machine, maintenance-related content appears under the serial number. If you have replaced parts, select "Learn More" to view more detailed information about each part. If the part is not working properly, the function will also issue a warning.

The launch of this function is for self-service repairs and also allows users to perform a certain degree of identification when shopping for second-hand iPhones.

5. News on the morning of December 22, Beijing time.

According to reports, the latest research shows that Apple has approximately 25% of the latest 5G smartphone market, surpassing other competitors in both the number of mobile phone sales and revenue. The 5G phone with the highest iPhone sales and highest profit margin.

6. Apple reminds: "Online multiplayer activities" paid in-app after December 31 must use in-app purchases

Recently, Apple issued a reminder for developers to use in-app purchases for online multiplayer activities: Please make sure to provide new apps and apps that provide one-to-many and one-to-many real-time services before December 31, 2021. Update the implementation of in-app purchase items, otherwise, it will be rejected according to guideline 3.1.1. However, apps that only provide real-time one-to-one service experience between two people (for example, student counseling, medical consultation, house inspections, or fitness training) are allowed to use purchase methods other than in-app purchases.

In fact, Apple proposed this regulation last year, but due to the epidemic and other reasons, in order to support the developer's business and give developers more time to update the App, the regulation was postponed to December 31, 2021.

The current "App Store Review Guidelines" clause 3.1 clearly stipulates: "If your App allows the purchase of one-to-one real-time services between two people (for example, student counseling, medical consultation, house viewing services or fitness training), you can Use other purchase methods other than in-app purchases to collect the corresponding payment. One-to-many and one-to-many real-time services must use in-app purchases.” It is recommended that apps that provide related services are updated even if they are adapted to avoid rejection.

Android application market hotspots

1. Huawei Hongmeng Automobile officially released

A third party was informed that Huawei Hongmeng Automobile was officially released. According to reports, the car is a smart luxury electric drive SUV-AITO Wujie M5, with a total of six paint colors and three interior colors. AITO Wenjie M5 adopts an all-aluminum alloy chassis, equipped with a front double wishbone and rear multi-link independent suspension. The AITO 4WD flagship can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers in 4.4 seconds, and from 0 to 50 kilometers in 1.9 seconds.

After comprehensive subsidies, the pre-sale price of the AITO Wenjie M5 rear-drive standard version is 250,000 yuan, the pre-sale price of the four-wheel-drive performance version is 280,000 yuan, and the pre-sale price of the four-wheel-drive flagship version is 320,000 yuan.

2. Huawei Smart Car Solution Innovation Center officially opened

The third-party was informed that during the 2021 Huawei Smart Car Solution Ecological Forum, Huawei's Smart Car Solution Innovation Center was officially put into use. According to reports, the Innovation Center is located in Huawei's Suzhou Research Institute. It will be mainly open to car company customers and partners for joint development, testing, verification and results display. Huawei will provide partners with technical training and laboratory environments to jointly promote joint innovation of smart cars and cultivate talents. In addition, as a vehicle-level test center, the Yangcheng Peninsula Intelligent Networking Test Field is expected to be opened next year.

3. The price of Huawei's vertical folding screen phone P50Pocket announced

Crystal White and Obsidian Black 8GB+256GB are priced at 8988 yuan, and the art customized version (gilt gold) 12GB+512GB is priced at 10988 yuan.

4. Lei Jun explodes Xiaomi's dynamic: digital series are divided into "large and one small" cars mass production in 2024

Lei Jun released Weibo, revealing the relevant content of Xiaomi’s December 28 press conference in advance, including in order to benchmark Apple, the Xiaomi digital series will be divided into "large and one small" dual-size flagship models; Xiaomi will continue to promote the surging chip Research and development; Xiaomi car is expected to be mass-produced in the first half of 2024.

Application market industry hotspots

1. Tencent Music enters the music meta-universe and launches the new TMELAND

Tencent Music announced that it will officially launch TMELAND, a domestic virtual music carnival, and it has launched an online reservation page on platforms such as QQ Music. According to reports, users can create personal virtual images, as well as digital scenes such as virtual live broadcasts and virtual concerts.

Judging from the official launch and product form, this move can be regarded as a special step for Tencent Music to enter the meta-universe. Tencent Music said that in the future, TMELAND will also realize the creation of exclusive digital islands, the free layout of landscapes and other functions, and will provide musicians with creative tools, growth resources and incubation plans in the virtual music world.

2. Baidu Netdisk launches unlimited speed youth version, "undifferentiated upload and download rate"

Baidu's public test public account announced the public beta of Baidu SkyDrive Youth Edition (with no speed limit) next week. In the case of 5G, the upload rate is basically 3-14MB/s, with a maximum of 32Mb/s. Compared with previous complaints from netizens The KB/s era has greatly improved. In terms of the basic download rate, the download rate of Baidu SkyDrive Youth Edition is stable at 11MB/s, and according to official data, it can reach up to 52MB/s.

3. officially launched the Ling rare digital collection trading platform, and the digital collections are on sale has officially launched the Lingxuan digital collection trading platform. All digital collections on this platform will be identified by the blockchain technology service provided by JD Cloud-JD Zhizhen Chain.

4. The WeChat PC terminal starts to support automatic login, no longer need mobile phone to scan the code

The WeChat PC terminal began to support the automatic login function. Users only need to check the "Automatically log in to this device" after scanning the code to log in to enable this function. Currently, this function has been pushed on WeChat's Windows and MacOS, and both can be used normally.

After the automatic login function is turned on, the user can click on the "WeChat logged in" banner on the WeChat mobile phone and set the function to turn on or off. On the PC setting interface, the user can choose to turn off the automatic login function. After testing, as long as the automatic login setting is completed on a computer, then the mobile phone is no longer required to confirm the login on this computer.

5. Taobao: Prohibition of "Cashback of good reviews" to induce buyers to write only good reviews

On December 22, Taobao announced that it would change the relevant provisions of the "Taobao Evaluation Standards" to improve the authenticity of the evaluation content. This rule change will officially take effect on December 28.

Among them, sellers must not request buyers to write positive reviews, modify evaluations, and add reviews on their own or through third parties; they must not encourage or guide buyers to "review positive reviews" on the condition of material or financial commitments, including but not limited to full five-star cashback, Rebates for good reviews, free orders for good reviews, red packets for good reviews, coupons for rebates, etc.; shall not obtain untrue evaluations through improper methods such as inducing buyers, false transactions, etc.; shall not deliberately give competitors in line with the facts on their own or through third parties. evaluation of.

6. Mango TV will increase member prices

Mango TV announced that it will adjust the price of Mango TV PC mobile film and television members from 0:00 on January 2, 2022, and at the same time fully upgrade the membership rights matrix. Prior to this, Mango TV member users who have been continuously monthly/season/yearly subscriptions who have not cancelled their subscriptions will enjoy the service with the original price for one year.

Among them, the price of consecutive monthly packages will be raised by 1 yuan, the price of consecutive packages will be raised by 5 yuan, and the price of consecutive annual packages will be raised by 10 yuan. In addition, the monthly and quarterly card prices will remain unchanged, and the annual card price will be increased by 20 yuan.

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