The app builder market is a competitive one. Everyone nowadays wants an app, and more and more tech companies are making app creation easy and accessible. There are thousands of app builder platforms on the internet. Some are no-code, some are low code, and some require a lot of technical knowledge.

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They all make app development easier than hiring a development team, however. So if you or your business is looking for a quicker and cheaper way to develop your own mobile app the list of app builders weve compiled below is a great start.

The 20 Best Mobile App Builders for No-Code App Creation


Itll start the list with our own platform. is a drag-and-drop, no-code app creation platform designed specifically for coaches, teachers, and tutors. We let you monetize your skills online with your own mobile app and take your online teaching to the next level.  


This app builder is for people who want an app thats visually stunning. The builder has a good list of features and you can start building your app straight away with its intuitive and flexible interface.

Appy Pie

Small to medium businesses like this builder. It offers a variety of ways for users to get started for free. Appy Pie likes to shout about its great customer service too.  


Fliplet is a prefabapp builder. Unlike many of the other app builders on this list, its customizability is limited. What it offers instead is a selection of ready-to-use templates and themes that you can take from straight of the shelf. You can make some changes and youre good to go. If you need a simple app with not a lot of features this could be a quick way to succeed.


Shoutem is another app builder that puts aesthetics above all else in their platform. If your app needs to look amazing then this builder could be a good option. Shoutems templates are extremely flexible and offer lots of ways to customize the feel of your app.


AppMachine puts fun at the heart of its platform. Its extremely user-friendly for first-time users and guides individuals through the process of building an app intuitively. It also automates a lot of the mundane tasks you might need to do when youre building an app.  


iBuildApp has 1000s of templates to choose from when youre building your app and its drag-and-drop interface is one of the simplest on this list. So, if youre looking for an app builder that will be easy to master this could be a good one to explore.  


BiznessApps is one of Americas fastest-growing app-building platforms. Its focus is on ease of use and offers a wide range of features that can help with creating a multitude of business apps.  


Adela is a drag-and-drop app builder with a high level of customization. It also has to push notification features and chat options so you can stay connected to your customers and give them company updates at a moments notice.


Mobincube offers simple drag-and-drop templates that allow anyone to build a mobile app. Its features are much more limited than many other app builders on this list. Mobincube also has its own ad network so unless youre willing to pay a premium for your app your users will need to suffer third-party ads.


This is one of the largest app makers on our list. It has produced over 2 million apps and is a great solution for small businesses and non-profits. The platform has free and basic plans and you can make a decent entry-level app on the free plan so its worth exploring.


GameSalad is a drag-and-drop app builder designed specifically for making simple mobile games. The platform lets you create levels similar to the Super Mario-style side-scroller games from old Nintendo consoles.

Best Apps Builder

Best App Builder is an all-in-one app builder solution. It has a raft of features to help clients make any app they want but this can lead to it feeling less tailored to your needs than an app builder that is more specific.  

Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadies clientele includes & Disney. So its a big player in the app builder market. Its a great choice for an app builder if youre an artist or a band as its features are geared towards interaction with fans.


Appery is a cloud-based app builder that lets you create an app for iOS, Android, and Windows phones. Since its in the cloud you can share information about the app with your team easily and its easy-to-use UI will have you building an app in no time.


Stackers let you create digital tools and apps using Google Sheets. You can take data you have gathered in spreadsheets and use that to create simple apps. Dont believe us? Check them out.  


Siberian take an interesting approach to app building. For them, the most important thing is giving their users ownership of their own app. So a user doesnt just use their app platform but they have to register their own domain. This is quite a complicated process but it does allow for greater ownership and flexibility with your app. If youre someone who wants a lot of control over their app this builder could be for you.  


Swiftic prides itself on its user community. It has a loyalty card scheme for its users and is very customer-focused. If youre looking for an app builder that has an engaged and supportive community you could try Swiftic. It also has a great set of eCommerce tools and is one of the best app platforms in the market for making an eCommerce store.  


The UKs largest app building platform. Their service offering is geared towards eCommerce and the platform has lots of features designed to help users create engaging and user-friendly virtual stores.


Providing high-quality business apps at a fair priceAppYourself is another app builder with its feet planted firmly in the eCommerce sector. The platform lets small businesses display their goods in a branded mobile app and make payments within the app too.  

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