January is almost over already and that means its time for a brand new batch of free PlayStation games for PlayStation Plus subscribers. This months haul includes three total games, with one being exclusive to PS5 gamers.

Included in this months list of free games is a unique adventure set in the Borderlands universe, as well as an MMA title that pits you against real-life fighters in the Octagon.

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As always, youll have to have an active PlayStation Plus subscription in order to take advantage of this months free PlayStation Plus offering. Lets see what Sony has in store for us this month.

Free PlayStation Plus games for February

Kicking off Februarys free PlayStation Plus games is UFC 4. This realistic fighting simulator lets players create their own character to take part in the Ultimate Fighting world. Take your character into underground fights to build your skills and eventually take on the UFCs greats inside the Octagon.

Next up is the Dungeons & Dragons inspired adventure set in the Borderlands universe, Tiny Tinas Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-shot Adventure. Play as one of six vault hunters in solo or co-op mode in this unique fantasy adventure that blends the wild gunplay of Borderlands with the character building and RPG elements of Dungeons & Dragons.

And last we have this months PS5 exclusive free title, Planet Coaster:Console Edition. This management simulator lets you take control of wonderful theme parks. You can build your own park in sandbox mode or help a struggling park in need through career mode. Either way, theres nearly unlimited fun to experience in Planet Coaster: Console Edition for PS5.

And that does it for Februarys free PlayStation Plus titles. Again, only the first two titles will be available on PS4. Planet Coaster: Console Edition will be free exclusively for PS5. The games will become free to download for PlayStation Plus subscribers on February 1. And youll have until February 28 to snag them all.


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