We all love saving money. Dont deny it. Spending all your financial resources paid user acquisition channels and ignoring organic user acquisition is not a smart move.

Users who come in from paid channels are not always the ones that stay. An ad pushed them to install your app. They werent actively searching for your app in the first place. This means theyre more likely to realize that your app is not a fit for their lifestyle needs. Then theyll do what you really dont want, uninstall your app. Which, again, hurts your app store ranking.

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To avoid this negative feedback loop, turn your mental and financial focus to ASO instead. In the end, this is going to save you a ton on user acquisition costs.

ASO creates a steady flow of organic growth. A well executed ASO strategy gets your app in front of people who are searching for it  and who would be interested in it. These people are not only more likely to continue using your app, theyre also more likely to recommend your app to their friends and family. As a result, you decrease your user acquisition costs while earning active users.

ASO brings in organic users that will continue to use your app and recommend it to their friends, lowering your user acquisition costs.

Summary: Why ASO is so Important

ASO is important for every app business. Whether youre an indie mobile game developer or a veteran app marketer, ASO is undeniably one of the best ways to grow apps. ASO becomes more important every day due to the growth of smartphone ownership and thus, app market saturation.

As each day passes, more regions, even the more secluded, get access to technology. Hands of old and young generations and eastern and western civilizations now hold smartphones. Then its no wonder were seeing the rise of mobile apps. ASO helps people discover your app in the sea of endless apps.

Its how you get your app to show up in the top spots in an app search results page. Without ASO your app sinks to the bottom of the sea of apps, never to be found by a single user. On the other hand, an app, optimized for various localizations, becomes seen by people all over the world.

Furthermore, ASO keeps your app alive and relevant, literally. When your app goes unmaintained, releasing few or no updates, the app stores may flag your app as dead or low quality and mark it for removal. Always putting ASO into practice ensures that your app is safe from app store clean outs.

Lastly, ASO saves you money. Cut down on your user acquisition costs and gain active users by utilizing ASO. Its a win-win.


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