App Stores are essentially product curators, striving to always offer the best of the best to their customers. Thats why they feature apps that function well, have high ratings and retention rates, and push updates frequently.

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Thats also why they reject and remove apps.

Back in 2016, Apple did a thorough clean out of its App Store. To maintain the high quality of their App Stores offerings, they removed all apps that were dead, low quality and copies of other apps. Prioritizing ASO keeps your app safe from these removals.

ASO is not only about ranking for relevant keywords. It also involves communicating with users through responding to reviews and asking for ratings, releasing regular updates that improve ASO, functionality and design, and improving retention rate through organic growth.

Regular app updates tell the app stores and your users that a dedicated team is actively working to improve the app. When you show your users and the app stores that you're making large efforts to have your app be the best possible, you give your app a much better chance of landing a featured app store spot.  

Prioritizing ASO keeps your app safe from removal from the app stores.

Take for example Asana, one of the top business apps. Within the last 2 months, theyve pushed 5 updates, the newest one being only 3 days ago. They always clearly explain what the bugs they fixed and what features they added. Further, Asana is compatible with the latest iOS on multiple iOS devices. Apps that are incompatible with newer systems create user and app store frustration and as a result, are at risk of removal. So you definitely want to make sure that your app works with the most recent iOS or Android system too.


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