Today, our world operates on a global scale. Theres no doubt about it. The invention of the internet propelled all of us into an economic and societal environment that is international at its core. News from Europe spreads like wildfire to North America. Products are made not where they are sold. A bunch of digital nomads are camping out in Bali and Chiang Mai. The spread of technology, worldwide, has made this possible. It has also made human movement around the world possible. That means an app available in and optimized well for many countries (localizations) has a definite broader reach than one that isnt.

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Optimizing your app for many different localizations exponentially increases its reach. 

Localizing your app for multiple countries automatically increases your appsvisibility because more people have the ability to find and install your app.

Once you discover which countries have the best potential market for your app, the next step is ASO for each of these localizations. This includes translating and optimizing app elements such as, keywords, app icon, app screenshots, description, and app title to appeal specifically to each countrys preferences.

People from different regions prefer different designs and utilize different search terms. For example, people in the UK say "lift" while people in the US use "elevator".

That being said, ASO for multiple localizations can be as cumbersome as it sounds. However, its well worth the effort. Your app may be the next big hit in France for all you know.

For a faster and simpler way to add and optimize app localizations, check out ASO Tool. The tool gives you AI recommended keywords in each localizations native language.


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