If you are a journalist or simply like to keep your finger on the pulse of certain topics, Nuzzel was a great way to see what was being talked about on Twitter.

Nuzzel is no longer for this world, but there are replacements out there that can give you curated feeds similar to what was offered from the service. The one well be looking at today is Newslit, which was actually created by some of the people involved with Nuzzel.

The KnowTechie team (mainly Kevin) has been using it for a couple of weeks and, so far, it fills the gap perfectly.

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So, what can you do with Newslit?

Essentially, if you are familiar with Nuzzel youll feel right at home. If you are new to this though, just think of Newslit as an easy way to see a curated feed of what the people you follow are talking about on Twitter.

In the feed, youll get an overview of the headline and topic and can also see which of the people you follow are actively talking about the subject. You can then click on their Twitter icons to see their actual tweet.

Jose Montes de Oca, cofounder of Newslit tells us, We are building Newslit Social to pick up where Nuzzel left off after it was shut down. As a former Nuzzel employee, Im truly passionate about social media & online news and understand the problems that Nuzzel set out to solve are more important today than when Nuzzel started.

Newslit monitors over 100,000 sources to pull content in, and past just the basic social feed feature, you can also set up Briefsand topics to aggregate news into an easily-digestible feed. This is especially nice as it will pull in topics and articles past just what the people you follow are talking about.

As an extra convenience feature, many of the articles being sourced through Newslit can be read directly through the webapp (shown above) which means you can stay focused on the topic at hand. Additionally, you can add filters that only show stories based on certain timeframes, like the last eight hours, for example.

The latest feature coming to Newslit will also be great for people that live in their inboxes. This will basically be an extension of everything mentioned above and youll get daily, personalized emails about your targeted topics.

If you have been looking for a Nuzzel replacement and nothing has hit the mark yet, this is definitely worth checking out. It is worth mentioning that Newslit isnt free, its a subscription service.

The bottom level tier is $5 a month and covers one overarching Briefand Newslit Social, which aggregates the topics people you follow are talking about. Higher-level subscriptions offer more briefs and keyword searches, with the top-level plan setting you back $99 a month.

That said, there is a free 14-day trial that doesnt require a credit card, so its worth checking out regardless.

If you arent quite ready to drop cash on something like this, you can also use Tweet Shelf, which has a free basic tier available. That way, you can kind of get a feel for everything first before committing to a monthly payment.


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