Online reviews, like those on the Google Play Store, are an invaluable tool in deciding between similar apps. The thing is, you really only need the reviews that are relevant to you, like those written by people local to you. To make that happen, Google is changing things in November, so you will see local ratings of apps on the Play Store.

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That means starting in November, Android smartphone users will see ratings specific to their registered country.That should make it easier to figure out if an app is suitable for your needs, as youll see things like if any content is geofenced out of your country, or if it doesnt work well with your first language.

The other big improvement to ratings on Google Play Store wont be coming until early in 2022, but its a long-needed one. There will be a filter to see ratings based on device type, so you can tell if the app will work for the device you want to install it on.

That includes categories for smartphone, tablet, foldables, Chromebook, Auto, and wearables; so you shouldnt run into any times where you immediately have to uninstall an app after downloading it because it didnt run on your device.

Google is also making a new tool to give developers a heads-up if their app is going to be impacted by any changes in the rating system. That will automatically reach out to them ten weeks before any changes, so the developer has plenty of time to discuss and decide what changes (if any) it wants to make to their apps.


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