Google finally introduced its “Switch to Android” app to the iOS App Store, with a twist. The app is currently unlisted, and the only way to access it is by going directly to the store page.

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We’ve been waiting patiently since last year for this app. Early indicators from the Android “Data Restore Tool” said the app existed, and now we know what it can do.

Google already has a website set up for switching from iOS to Android. The process is mostly manual though and requires you to use Google Drive to backup your files, and it doesn’t transfer things directly from iCloud.

The new app does, however, with a guided process for exporting all of your important data. That includes instructions to turn off iMessage so you don’t miss messages, and a connector to iCloud so Google can automatically migrate your photo and video library to Google Photos.

Let’s not forget that Apple’s similar app that helps you switch from Android to iOS has existed since 2015. That’s a seven-year head start on Google, which only recently decided that it should fight back.

It’s worth noting that the Switch to Android app isn’t available to download at this time, so maybe the App Store listing is a placeholder ahead of an official announcement.

Will this app be enough to reduce the friction when moving out of Apple’s ecosystem? We’re not so sure. I mean, Apple has better interoperability with its other hardware lines, including audio devices, and arguably better third-party creation apps.

Google has an uphill battle to get an Apple user to switch, and it knows it.

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