If you’re someone who gets a lot of emails, digging through your inbox for a newsletter can be a massive pain. So to cut out all the noise, Substack, the massively popular newsletter platform, is launching an iPhone app that lets you read all your favorite newsletters in one place.

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The Substack Reader app is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an app that lets you read and discover Substack newsletters.

When a writer publishes a new entry to their newsletter, the app instantly notifies you, allowing you to jump right in without having to sift through the countless emails in your inbox. Think of it more like an RSS feed, but for newsletters.

But as Substack’s co-founder, Hamish McKenzie, points out, you can add any RSS feed to the app, something we previously covered last year.

While Substack has designed it primarily for reading Substack newsletters, you also have the option of adding RSS feeds that aren’t Substack native.

Currently, Substack Reader is only available on iOS. At this time, there’s no word on whether an Android release is in the works, but the company says users can sign up for a waiting list here.

If you’re someone who subscribes to several Substack newsletters, then it’s definitely worth giving the app a try. Collecting all your newsletters in one place vs. your crowded inbox should offer a better experience.

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