Are you looking for Spotify alternatives? Perhaps you don’t think the popular streaming service pays artists enough. Or maybe you have an issue with certain podcasters on the platform.

Whatever your reason for seeking a Spotify alternative, you have several worthy replacements to choose from.

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Before making a decision, you should ask yourself: what do you want in a music streaming service? Whether you covet massive media libraries, superior sound quality, or app functionality, the perfect musical match is out there.

Let’s discuss some of the most formidable Spotify alternatives.

Apple Music

If Spotify’s expansive song library appeals to you, Apple Music is a worthy alternative. Boasting over 90 million tracks, Apple’s music streaming service offers more volume and variety than most of us will ever need.

On top of that, the app is slick, functional, and also available for Android. All subscriptions include ad-free streaming, concerts and exclusives, live radio stations, and curated playlists. Additionally, you can even view time-synced lyrics as music plays, a feature that Spotify only recently adopted.

With a one-month free trial on offer, Apple Music is worth a look if you want a true—and perhaps superior–Spotify replacement.

Apple Music subscription options

  • Voice – $4.99 per month with access through Siri only
  • Individual – $9.99 per month with full access
  • Student – $4.99 per month with full access
  • Family – $14.99 per month with full access for six people

Amazon Music

Amazon Music, with its 75 million track library, is another big player in the audio streaming game. While the unpaid version of the service allows you to listen to curated stations and playlists, you’ll need a subscription if you want more control. Prime members even get access to over 2 million songs.

If you do want to experience complete freedom, Amazon also offers a 30-day trial of its Unlimited plan. Like Spotify, the Amazon Music platform also contains podcasts, so you can get the majority of your auditory needs in one place.

Amazon Music subscription options

  • Free – Access to curated stations and playlists
  • Prime – Prime membership includes access to 2 million songs
  • Unlimited Individual – $9.99 per month with full access
  • Unlimited Family – $14.99 per month with full access for six people

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is the other big dog on the block for Spotify alternatives. Although the platform doesn’t provide updated information regarding the number of tracks it offers, the range is comprehensive and likely rivals that of other large streaming services.

YouTube offers a one-month free trial of its ad-free premium subscription for anyone who doesn’t want annoying advertisements ruining the listening experience. If you tolerate ads well, however, the free service may be all you need.

YouTube Music subscription options

  • Free – Full access with ads
  • Premium Individual – $9.99 per month with full ad-free access
  • Student Plan – $4.99 per month with full ad-free access
  • Premium Family – $14.99 per month with full ad-free access


With over 80 million tracks, a focus on sound quality, and a commitment to empowering artists, Tidal may be the underdog that upsets the more established streaming platforms on the list.

The app’s interface is clean and intuitive. Additionally, the massive song library will never leave your ears hungering for fresh tracks, and the sound quality it offers is some of the best available.

Tidal offers a 30-day free trial that grants access to the full music library along with over 350,000 videos.

Tidal subscription options

  • HiFi – $9.99 per month with full access
  • HiFi Plus – $19.99 per month with full access and additional audio formats
  • Student Plan – This offers 50% off either HiFi or HiFi Plus
  • Family – $14.99 per month with full access for six people

Choose the Spotify alternative that’s right for you

We’ve listed some of the best Spotify alternatives, including Apple Music and Tidal, but we can’t mention every platform in existence. Additionally, other options certainly do exist, but the services we’ve discussed more closely resemble the app we’re replacing.

If you despise every aspect of Spotify and none of the alternatives listed make you want to dance, embracing one of the lesser-known music streaming solutions may be more your style.

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