Apple will reportedly swap the “low-end” front shooter for a “high-end” selfie camera across all iPhone 14 models, bringing improvements such as autofocus and other perks.

A new report suggests that Apple’s next iPhone could feature a significantly upgraded camera out the front with autofocus and other improvements.

The upgrade shooter should allow iPhone 14 owners to take better selfies and Portrait mode photos.

It’s said to be a “high-end” part vs. the current selfie camera on the iPhone 13, which Apple classifies as “low-end.”

The iPhone 14’s selfie camera could be a “high-end” one

Apple has dropped some Chinese suppliers due to quality issues. Instead, the iPhone 14 will reportedly integrate a new camera developed by LG Innotek, marking the first time Apple used a South Korean supplier for the selfie camera. Apparently, Innotek recently kicked off mass production of the component in South Korea.

ETNews has the story:

Apparently, Apple wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the front camera that was being offered by its usual Chinese camera suppliers. Also, the addition of new functions such as autofocus has led to a threefold increase in the cost of the front camera when compared to the iPhone 13, and as a result, its classification has been upgraded from a low-end part to a high-end component.

ETNews has a hit-and-miss track record when it comes to reporting Apple’s moves. Actually, orders for the new selfie camera will be split between LG Innotek and Japan’s Sharp. Innotek already supplies rear cameras to Apple. Today’s report is backed by earlier predictions by reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who said that all of the new iPhone 14 models might feature an upgraded front camera. Taking it all in, the expected improvements for the iPhone 14’s selfie camera include:

  • Autofocus to automatically focus on the subject being photographed
  • A wider f/1.9 aperture will allow more light to hit the sensor

Increasing the aperture will allow more light to hit the sensor, thereby producing less noise (especially in low-light shots) and clearer images overall. You will also appreciate better Portrait mode shots and video calls. And with autofocus, your selfies will no longer be out of focus—thank God for that! All iPhones to date have had fixed-focus cameras and that’s why you cannot tap to focus in the Camera app when the front shooter is in use. 

The report doesn’t mention whether Apple will increase the image resolution of the selfie camera, which is currently stuck at 12 megapixels just like the back cameras. The iPhone 14 should also upgrade the main rear camera to 48 megapixels and add the ability to shoot video in 8K resolution. The rumor mill is expecting four new iPhones this year, two 6.1-inch models and two 6.7- inch ones. The iPhone 14 will also signal the end of the road for the iPhone mini, which wasn’t selling well so Apple is dropping it from the lineup. 

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