Passwords can be tricky to remember. Let the newest version of Chrome for iOS take away a little of that frustration.

As of Chrome for iOS browser version M104, you’ll be able to set Chrome as your chosen Autofill option. That means you can use saved passwords in Chrome for iOS across all of the apps on your iOS device.

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No more switching out. No more remembering all of your passwords. It’s all there in one place.

This is just one of the latest features you’ll be able to use with the new edition of the browser. Many of the updates were taken from the Android version of Chrome, with iOS catching up. Enhanced Safe Browsing and Chrome Actions, for example, are already available for Android users.

Enhanced Safe Browsing will automatically check if the websites you visit are considered “dangerous” or if your usernames and passwords have been compromised when used on websites and apps.

Chrome Actions will make it simpler to perform tasks within your browser. It’ll be easier to clear your history, open a new incognito tab, save bookmarks, and more. You’ll be able to do it all with a simple search.

But really, the whole password situation is a great boon for lazy people like me. If I could reuse the same password and get away with it, I feel like I’d want to.

Except I’m not that stupid, and a one-touch password solution on Chrome feels like a much better option. Now if I could just remember to install Chrome for iOS.

If you’re already using the browser, these updates should keep you busy for a while. The update for Chrome on iOS is rolling out soon, so keep an eye out for it.

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