The much-awaited patch notes for the latest update in Epic Seven, the 2D turn-based RPG by Smilegate are finally live on their official website which lists the various helpful information regarding the updates and events taking place. All of the patches are live-streamed a week early on the game’s official YouTube channel and these streams are hosted by community managers Mashuu and Geguri. These live streams are usually scheduled on a bi-weekly basis to give all the players in the community, a sneak peek at what is to be expected next. Players can also get some freebies along the way as during the stream, the community manager also gives out special codes which can be entered in the “Video Chest” that appears in every account’s in-game mailbox after the stream has ended. The code for this week’s video chest is – holyflame. 

This patch preview states different things – some new and some old. For the new ones, players are finally getting the Fire elemental version of Adin, called Holy Flame Adin. 3 New Exclusive equipment are also being added to the Hall of Trials Shop. A Season 2 for the newly released content Ancient Inheritance was finally announced with the patch notes. For the old ones, we have our standard drop rate up banners and some minor bug fixes and game optimizations. Let’s get right into the main highlights of the upcoming patch on 12th May 2022.

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Holy Flame Adin – Fire Elemental Version of Adin

Holy Flame Adin is the Fire elemental version of the newly released multi-element hero Adin. Adin was released along with the revelation of Episode 4 of the game. Players can get Adin by completing Chapter 1 of Episode 4, including all the missions attached with it to unlock Adin. Adin can change her element using an Element Alteration Scroll. The fire elemental version of Adin can be unlocked by clearing Chapter 6 in Episode 4 which will then unlock Element Alteration Function (Fire). 

When Adin evolves into Holy Flame Adin, her skills and rune enhancements get completely changed to suit her new form. Her 1st skill Ankle Cut is a single targeted damaging ability that also restores the HP of the lowest HP ally and the recovery amount is directly proportional to the amount of damage dealt by this skill. Her 2nd skill Defensive Spirit states that whenever an AOE targeted damaging attack hits allies on the team, Holy Flame Adin will have an 85% chance to counterattack with Fiery Blade Gust. Fiery Blade Gust will take priority over basic attacks and can only be activated once in every 2 turns. Fiery Blade Gust in an AOE targeted damaging ability that deals damage to all enemies and grants herself a Speed buff for 1 turn. Her 3rd skill Explosive Cut is a single targeted damaging ability that slashes at the target repeatedly reducing their Speed and having a 75% chance to reduce their Defense for 2 turns as well. This skill also grants Holy Flame Adin a Willful Flames state which states that when a Fire elemental ally attacks, he/she will penetrate 15% Defense. This buff cannot be dispelled as well.

Holy Flame Adin’s skills are as follows: –

Ankle Cut – Attacks the enemy with a sword, recovering the Health of the ally with the lowest Health. Amount recovered increases proportional to the damage dealt.

Defensive Spirit – After suffering an attack that targets all allies, when the caster has a debuff, has an 85% chance to counterattack with Fiery Blade Gust. Fiery Blade Gust takes priority over a counterattack with a basic skill. This effect can only be activated once every 2 turns. 

Fiery Blade Gust: Attacks all enemies with a blade gust, and increases the Speed of the caster for 1 turn.

Explosive Cut – Attacks the enemy repeatedly, decreasing the Speed of the target for 2 turns and a 75% chance to decrease Defense for 2 turns. Grants Willful Flame to the caster for 2 turns. 

Willful Flames: When a Fire elemental ally attacks, penetrates the target’s Defense by 15%. Willful Flame cannot be dispelled.

Other than the skills, other enhancements come in the form of a Skill tree which can be enhanced using the Elemental Runes. Some important enhancements that occur are as follows:

  • Health Rune – Increases Health by 15%.
  • Achievement Rune – Effectiveness increases by 25%.
  • Thorn Rune – Increases Attack by 15%.
  • Trust Rune – Increases Dual Attack chance of Fire elemental allies by 5%.
  • Wedge Rune – Increases Critical Hit Damage of all allies by 5%.
  • Glory Rune – When an ally attacks and it is not their turn, damage dealt increases by 5%.
  • Courage Rune – Increases damage dealt of Ankle Cut by 10%.
  • Life Rune – Increases the amount recovered by Ankle Cut by 50%.
  • Guard Rune – When using Fiery Blade Gust, has a 100% chance to dispel one buff from the target.
  • Speed Rune – When using Explosive Cut, has a 100% chance to grant increased Attack to Fire elemental allies for 2 turns.

Ancient Inheritance – Season 2 

The Ancient Inheritance is a big hit with the community and the game mode is hitting the right spots. It was released as a new type of social PvE experience for Guilds so that more communication and strategizing is done between guild members to climb the highest in Ancient Inheritance and reap the juicy rewards. The new Season for Ancient Inheritance starts on 16th May 2022. There are some significant changes coming to this game mode, as noted from the feedback that Smilegate received from Season 1. Here are the changes and new things coming to Ancient Inheritance Season 2:


  • Board will be a new screening system that will display the various Expeditions and routes they are using in Ancient Inheritance.
  • Only Guild captains and Vice Captains can edit and write on the board but all guild members can view it.
  • The character length limit is 5-380.


  • The existing Notes feature will be getting replaced by Memos.
  • A maximum of 8 Memos can be left at each zone.
  • Players can simply tap any object or monster to leave a note.
  • Players can see the location of these notes on the map.

Mobile Tile

  • Mobile Tile is a new object which will be added in Ancient Inheritance Season 2.
  • Players can go to their place of choice if they step on this tile.
  • Players cannot return to the starting point using this tile.


A new Exchange Shop will be added for the Ancient Inheritance and the Ancient Dream Shards which players can collect while playing the game mode can be exchanged in this Shop. The Exchange Shop will close 1 week after the Season 2 of Ancient Inheritance has ended. 

New Exclusive Equipment

Exclusive equipment are those pieces of equipment that can be equipped to heroes only one at a time and can be purchased using the Hall of Trials tokens that are available by defeating the Hall of Trials on a bi-weekly basis. Exclusive equipment is given to those heroes which are underwhelming or weak in different areas of the game and can be considered as an indirect buff to them. In this month’s first Patch preview, the 3 heroes who will be getting their exclusive equipment are – Diene, Zahhak, and Inferno Khawazu. Here are the new exclusive equipment and their skills: 

  • Halted Pocketwatch (Speed 5-10) (5-Star Hero Diene)
  • Light of Judgement – Increases Combat Readiness of the ally with the highest Attack by 5% when using Light of Judgment. When the caster has a buff, the effect is doubled.
  • Blessings of the Goddess – Blessings of the Goddess’s barrier strength are increased by 10%.
  • Blessings of the Goddess – Increases Combat Readiness of all allies by 15% when using Blessings of the Goddess.
  • A Spell of Tragic Love (Attack 7-14%) (5-Star Hero Zahhak)
  • Elaborate Plan – Increases the Attack of the target and the caster for 2 turns when using Elaborate Plan.
  • Execute – Inflicts resource reduction on the target by 60% before the skill’s effect when using Execute.
  • Execute – Decreases skill cooldown of Execute by 1 turn.
  • Flame Armband (Attack 7-14%) (4-Star Hero Inferno Khawazu)
  • Malicus’s Power – Blazing Fury increases the Combat Readiness of the caster by an additional 5%.
  • Malicus’s Power – Grants immunity to the caster for 2 turns when using Blazing Fury.
  • Flames of Destruction – Silences the target for 1 turn when using Flames of Destruction. When the caster is granted vigor, ignores Effect Resistance. (This effect is applied before inflicting a burn.)

May 2022 Drop Rate-Up Banners

  • Lilias with Bastion of Perlutia (Normal Summon Banner 12/05/2022 – 19/05/2022)
  • Mortelix with Ancient Dragon Legacy (Normal Summon Banner 19/05/2022– 26/05/2022)
  • Politis with Knowledge Seed (Normal Summon Banner 19/05/2022– 26/05/2022)

Players can feel free to read the official patch notes to get a better understanding of the upcoming content. We highly recommend playing Epic Seven on a PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse.    

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