Smilegate is preparing for its 2nd edition of E7WC, a.k.a “Epic Seven World Cup” in the coming months. That’s the reason provided by the developers for the low content updates for Epic Seven, the free-to-play turn-based RPG by Smilegate that is played and loved by many. The game continues its tradition of releasing new heroes and new side stories with its updates almost on a bi-weekly basis. These updates are made known to the community through the community managers Mashuu and Gregory via live streams on the game’s official YouTube channel and Twitch channel. As players log on to these social media platforms, they will be rewarded with special gift codes that can be entered into the in-game chests provided to all players. The chest code for this week is –  summberbreak. Players can use this code to unlock the chest provided in their in-game mailbox.

During this week’s patch preview livestream, players were notified of the entry of the previously teased hero – Sylvian Sage Vivian. Apart from ML Vivian, another new hero called Sharun was teased to be released on the 21st of July 2022. She will be available to be summoned on her own special banner using covenant bookmarks. The new season for the World Arena titled “Conquest” was announced to get the competitive spirit of players going before E7WC 2022. Lastly, a new side story titled “Clouded Foresight” is also releasing where players will be able to check the back story of Sharun in her own words. Let’s check all the new content coming to Epic Seven with the 21st July update. 

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Sharun – Wind Elemental 5-Star Unit

Players were blatantly surprised as this new hero was released in the patch preview livestream held on 20th July. Players did not expect a back-to-back release of another hero. Nonetheless, Sharun, a natural 5-Star Wind unit that is classified as a Soul Weaver is being added to the ever-growing roster of heroes in Epic Seven. Her hero description reads the following – “A high shaman from a family that has been serving Theranhad’s emperors since its founding. 

She has inherited the ability to foresee fragments of the near future. However, she feels guilty for not being able to protect the previous emperor and has thus pledged loyalty to the young emperor Zio.” 

Sharun’s skills are as follows: –

How Fragile – Attacks the enemy, with a 65% chance to inflict venom for 1 turn. After attacking, when the target is inflicted with venom, increases skill cooldowns by 1 turn.

+1: +5% damage dealt

+2: +5% damage dealt

+3: +10% effect chance

+4: +10% damage dealt

+5: +10% damage dealt

Burn Effect: Increases the effect chance to 100%, and inflicts venom for 2 turns. (-10 Souls)

Just Trust Me (Passive) – At the end of an enemy’s turn, for each buff granted to the enemy, has a 5% chance to increase Combat Readiness of the caster by 20%. At the end of the turn, grants a random buff and a barrier to the ally except for the caster with the highest Attack for 1 turn. Barrier strength increases proportional to the caster’s max Health.

+1: +5% barrier strength

+2: +5% barrier strength

+3: +5% barrier strength

+4: +5% barrier strength

+5: +10% barrier strength

May You Perish – Attacks all enemies, decreasing buff durations by 1 turn before inflicting decreased Speed and venom for 2 turns. Increases Combat Readiness of the caster by 50%.

+1: +5% damage dealt

+2: +5% damage dealt

+3: -1 turn cooldown

+4: +10% damage dealt

+5: +10% damage dealt

Side Story – Clouded Foresight 

A new side story especially for the new hero Sharun is going to be released after the patch update on 21st July 2022. Players will be able to experience a vast new storyline where Sharun tells her tale in a systematic manner. The description for the side story reads the following – “Sharun and the royal family visit the Summer Shrine for the emperor’s funeral, who died during the war against the Wicked. 

Since the emperor had not nominated a successor before he passed, the funeral is crowded with successor candidates aiming to sit on the throne.

Then, Sharun foresees a disastrous incident taking place inside the shrine…”. 

During the side story, players will travel to different locations on the side story map.

Stages will be divided into 3 unique types:

  • Story Stage – In these stages, players will be tasked to view the main storyline of the side story. These stages might be or might not be associated with a battle sequence depending on the stage. In these stages, Sharun will be accompanying players in the battle as an NPC character. These stages will also have some additional conditions which are required to be fulfilled by the players in order to obtain extra premium currency. Players will also earn the event currency for this side story after they emerge victorious.
  • Battle Stage – In these stages, players will be tasked to participate in and win battles against waves of enemies. These stages might also have certain conditions required to be fulfilled in order to obtain the premium currency. Some battle stages may also provide Sharun as an NPC hero that is mandatory to be taken into the battles. Players will earn event currency as well post the victory.
  • Boss Stage – In these stages, players are required to defeat the boss monster that will come at the end of the waves of enemies. These stages provide players with a higher amount of event currency compared to regular battle stages. Boss stages are further divided into multiple difficulties to suit the level of players – Easy Difficulty/ Normal Difficulty/ Hard Difficulty/ Extreme Difficulty. 

Players are required to have cleared at least Episode 1, Chapter 10 Stage 10 to be able to access the side story. The Clouded Foresight side story is going to run for 2 weeks. The event currency for the side story is called “Spiritual Wildflower”. Players can play the different side story stages and grind them repeatedly to collect the event currencies. It is recommended to farm the Boss stages to get the maximum event currency. Players can further exchange their collected event currency in the event exchange shop for handsome rewards like MolaGora, Greater and Lesser Artifact Charms, Penguins, Epic, and Rare Catalysts, Giga Phantasms, Covenant Bookmarks, and Gold. Transit Stones and Leifs can also be obtained from the different reputation missions presented to the players. 

During this side story, if players use the heroes: Sharun then their stats will be increased in the following manner: Level 60/ Awakened to 6-Star/ +15 Enhanced Skills/Attack and Health increased by 30%.  If players use the following heroes: Zahhak then their stats will be increased in the following manner: Attack and Health increased by 30%. Players can also get bonus event currency when clearing stages with heroes equipped with the following artifacts – Sacred Tree Branch.

World Arena Conquest Season

The Pre-season has ended for the World Arena and the new season is ready to be released! The new season titled “Conquest” is going to be available after 23rd  July 2022. Players can participate in the World Arena if they are above player rank 60 and if they own more than 5 heroes from each class (30 total heroes). 

July 2022 Drop Rate-Up Banners

  • Sharun with Sacred Tree Branch (Normal Summon Banner 21/07/2022 – 04/08/2022)
  • Sylvan Sage Vivian and Assassin Cartuja (Mystical Summon Banner 21/07/2022 – 14/07/2022)
  • Aramintha with Etica’s Scepter (Normal Summon Banner 21/07/2022 – 28/07/2022)

That concludes everything coming to Epic Seven with the latest patch scheduled to be implemented on 21st July 2022. Players can feel free to read the official patch notes to get an in-depth understanding of the upcoming content. We highly recommend playing Epic Seven on a PC using a keyboard and mouse.

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