New heroes and new content have become a regular occurrence in the live streams that showcase the previewed new content coming to Epic Seven, the turn-based RPG by Smilegate The streams were hosted by the game’s community managers Mashuu and Gegury on their official YouTube channel and their official Twitch channel respectively. As per tradition in these live streams, players are given gift codes that can be used in-game to get rewards like 300,000 Gold and 3 leifs. This week’s live stream code was – sylvansage. Players can use this code to unlock the chest provided in their in-game mailbox.

This week’s live stream was like a mixed bag of goodies with the community managers giving information regarding what came with the 7th July update and other information regarding what’s to come in the future update. First of all, after a long hiatus of releasing new heroes, it seems like Smilegate has decided to launch their first-ever Moonlight 5-Star hero in 3 months – Sylvan Sage Vivian. Alexa, the loved 3-Star unit that helped many early game players clear the Wyvern dungeon will now be getting a new specialty change that empowers her abilities. Lastly, 3 new exclusive equipment are also being added for Baal and Sezan, Aramintha, and Cidd. Let’s check all the new happenings in Epic Seven.

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Sylvan Sage Vivian – Light Elemental 5-Star Unit

The newest moonlight 5-Star hero – Sylvan Sage Vivian is being released in a future update. The new hero came with Smilegate announcing a hiatus against releasing ML 5-Star units due to the overcomplication of free-to-play players not being able to save enough Mystic Medals to summon for them. New ML 5-Star units have also become the gold staple of power creep in Epic Seven which the community is against. At max level and awakened, Sylvan Sage Vivan has a high base Attack of 1359 and a critical hit chance of 23%. Players will be able to increase the Attack% of all allies with Imprint Release and boost their own Critical Hit Chance% using Imprint Concentration. 

Sylvan Sage is a new hero that aims to introduce new mechanics in the game. Her passive ability does so by introducing new damage sharing effect that is related to her Focus. Sylvan Sage Vivian gains 3 Focus at the start of any battle and 1 Focus at the start of any turn. If she suffers damage from enemies that take out more than 25% of her MAX HP, Sylvan Sage Vivan reduces the incoming damage by 50% and also decreases all of her skill cooldowns by 1 turn each. This damage-sharing effect only works on heroes and cannot be stacked with other damage sharing effects like Fallen Cecilia’s passive ability. Her basic skill is a single targeted damaging skill that can be soul burned to convert the attack into an AOE damaging skill that targets all enemies. Sylvan Sage Vivian also gains a Speed buff for 2 turns after using this ability.

Her ultimate ability states that Sylvan Sage Vivian uses the power of nature and brings joyous buffs to all allies. The buffs provided are Increased Critical Hit Damage for 2 turns for all allies and an Attack buff for 2 turns granted only to herself. This ability further attacks all enemies and deals damage according to her Attack and recovers the Health of all allies. The health recovery amount is directly proportional to the allies MAX HP. This skill also brings a new mechanic of stacking Attack buffs as Sylvan Sage Vivian can stack 3 Attack buffs at a time. 

Sylvan Sage Vivan’s skills are as follows: –

Mana Attunement – Attacks the enemy with mana, and increases the Speed of the caster for 1 turn.

Insight (Passive) – At the start of the first battle, gains 3 Focus, and at the start of the turn, gains 1 Focus. When attacked if expected damage suffered is 25% or more of max Health, consume 1 Focus, decreasing damage suffered by 50%, and after being attacked, decreases skill cooldowns of the caster by 1 turn. When more than one damage reduction is granted, only the strongest effect is applied. This effect applies to Heroes only.

Nature’s Judgement – Attacks all enemies by bringing forth the power of nature. Increases Critical Hit Damage of all allies for 2 turns and recovers Health before increasing Attack of the caster. Amount recovered increases proportional to the target’s max Health. Increased Attack effect can stack up to three times.

Summer’s Disciple Alexa – Specialty Change Alexa

After over 2 months of no new specialty changes for the existing 3-Star heroes, the community is overjoyed with the release of a new specialty change for the Wyvern killer – Alexa. Summer’s Disciple Alexa was first teased in a poster by the official Facebook page of Epic Seven where players initially thought of it as a skin for Alexa. It was later announced that Alexa will be getting a specialty change during the live stream which will help players to use her in other game modes apart from Wyvern only. Specialty Changes are essentially an upgrade for heroes that require them. These upgrades increase their base stats as well as enhance their abilities. Specialty Changed heroes are empowered through runes that can be upgraded in the Skill Tree of the hero. These runes are upgraded using elemental runes. For example, Summer’s Disciple Alexa’s runes can be enhanced through Water elemental runes.

With the specialty change, Summer’s Disciple Alexa’s skillsets will be changed to the following:

Fell (Active Ability) – Cuts the enemy with dual-wielded swords. A critical hit will activate Lightning Bolt. Lightning Bolt can only be activated once per turn of the caster. Lightning Bolt (Acquire 1 Soul): Rapidly cuts the enemy with dual-wielded swords.

Cold Edge (Active Ability) – Attacks with a cold blade with an 80% chance to inflict two Poison effects for 2 turns, and increase the caster’s Combat Readiness by 30%.

Glistening Summer Spike (Active Ability) – Attacks the enemy with a powerful spike and increases the Attack of the caster for 3 turns. Damage dealt is proportional to the number of debuffs inflicted on the target.

Here are the runes and their effects that empower Summer’s Disciple Alexa as mentioned in the official patch notes:

  • Courage Rune – Increases Attack by 10%.
  • Health Rune – Increases Health by 15%.
  • Obscurity Rune – Increases Critical Hit Damage by 5%.
  • Fruition Rune – Increases Attack of all allies by 3%.
  • Speed ​​Rune – When using Fell, increases the Combat Readiness of the caster by 10%.
  • Earth Rune – When using Cold Edge, increases damage dealt by 10%.
  • Mineral Rune – When attacked, if the attacker has a debuff, decreases damage suffered by 20%. When more than one damage reduction effect is granted, only the strongest effect is applied.
  • Wedge Rune – When using Glistening Summer Spike, increases damage dealt by 5% of the target’s max Health.
  • Harvest Rune – When using Cold Edge, increases Combat Readiness by an additional 20%.
  • Achievement Rune – When using Glistening Summer Spike, a critical hit has a 100% chance to decrease the cooldown of this skill by 1 turn.

New Exclusive Equipment

As per the nature of the beast, new exclusive equipment is just mandatory to empower heroes that are forgotten or power crept by new heroes. Many times, these types of equipment are just released to empower a certain aspect of the champion where they are particularly weak or strong at. With the update that was implemented on 7th July 2022, 3 new exclusive pieces of equipment for Aramintha, Baal and Sezan, and Cidd are added to the game. Players can get their hands on this new exclusive equipment’s from the Hall of Trials using their Trial tokens that are earned by fighting the bosses every week. Here are the new exclusive equipment and their skills: –

Cape of Selfish Interest (Attack 7 – 14%) (5-Star Hero Baal and Sezan)

  • Ghost Haunt – Increases damage dealt by Ghost Haunt by 10%.
  • Last Requiem – Dispels one buff from all enemies when using Last Requiem.
  • Last Requiem – Increases all of Last Requiem’s effect chances by 5%.

Scarlet Tear (Speed 5 – 10) (5-Star Hero Aramintha)

  • Ignite – Increases Ignite’s chance to burn by 10%.
  • Catalyst – Increases Catalyst’s Combat Readiness increase effect by 10%.
  • Fire Pillar – Increases Fire Pillar’s chance to stun by 10%.

Restrained Ferality (Effectiveness 8 – 14%) (4-Star Hero Cidd)

  • Relentless Strike – Has a 35% chance to decrease the Speed of the target for 2 turns when using Whirlwind.
  • Hack – Decreases Combat Readiness of the target by 30% when using Hack.
  • Hack – Grants advantageous element effect to Hack, regardless of whether the caster is granted increased Speed.

July 2022 Drop Rate-Up Banners

  • Tenebria and Crimson Moon of Nightmares (Normal Summon Banner 7/07/2022 – 14/07/2022)
  • Summertime Iseria with Star of the Deep Sea (Limited Summon Banner 30/06/2022 – 14/07/2022)
  • Baal and Sezan with Last Teatime (Normal Summon Banner 14/07/2022 – 21/07/2022)
  • Vildred and Sword of Summer Twilight (Normal Summon Banner 14/07/2022 – 21/07/2022)

That covers all the new things that came to Epic Seven with the 7th July update as well as some sneak peek of the content expected to come in the future. Players can feel free to read the official patch notes to get an in-depth understanding of the upcoming content. We highly recommend playing Epic Seven on a PC using a keyboard and mouse.

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