App monetization expert ironSource just joined forces with Unity Technologies, the platform game developers use for their real-time, interactive 3D content, to create a fully-integrated, end-to-end platform for the Creator Economy. 

By joining platforms, the two companies will be able to power the developer's journey from creation to business and provide the technology for app makers to operate and scale their games and apps more effectively. 

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By joining forces developers can access improved optimization and monetization and ultimately drive better results for customers across multiple areas, adding scale and data and resulting in improved outcomes for advertisers and more revenues for publishers. 

As a result of the merger, developers can also access cross-channel marketing and production features through Luna and unique app discovery opportunities through Aura. 

ironSource plans to integrate its publishing solution Supersonic into its Unity game engine. 

“Unity’s industry-leading creation tools, and deep penetration in the game industry, will create enhanced opportunities for our telco partners to leverage interactive gaming and 3D experiences on-device (iOS and Android), as well as enable us to more quickly build and deploy carrier-branded, on-device experiences to help telcos drive engagement in the services they care most about,” wrote Tomer Bar-Zeev, CEO of ironSource.

But the merger also means that creators can access real-world audience feedback and data to improve their content and business success.

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