Get up and stretch your body! How many times have we heard this phrase from people when we are hunched at our table working on our laptops? Well, guess what? Stretching has tons of health benefits that can help you become slightly healthier. So, when someone asks you to stretch, do not get annoyed. Get up and start doing it for your health’s sake!

Here are five reasons why you should consider it anyway.

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1. Stress Buster

Any form of exercise, be it crunches or the simple art of stretching your body is said to improve your mood and reduce stress. It happens because stretching releases muscle tension in your body causing your serotonin levels to increase. It gives you a quick happiness dose. Apart from the scientific reasons, taking a moment and stretching your body gives you a little break from your day and regulates the flow of blood in your body.

And in the age of hyperinflation and endless conflict, we all can appreciate a little stress-busting. Yes, get up and prepare your body for it.

2. Boosts energy levels

Right after we have our lunch at work a little afternoon slump kicks in and we jump at the coffee machines. Certainly, caffeine works, but it is not good for your body in the long run. Well, stretching has got your back. Studies show that stretching can help increase energy levels. It happens because the stretching of muscles causes an increased flow of blood and oxygen in the body, causing your energy levels to go up.

So, make sure you take a few minutes out of your day to recline your body. You don’t have to perform Zumba at work, just sit on the chair and bend forward, and the job is done!

3. Posture Improvement

All thanks to our lifestyle, most people have a hunched back. And we know that it does not look flattering. A bad posture can make you look a lot shorter than you are. According to a study, stretching in certain positions can help improve your posture and reduce musculoskeletal pains in the body.

It happens because stretching allows a healthy strain of your muscles which makes them healthier. However, doing a little workout once in a blue moon is not going to help. One has to be consistent to see successful results. You can add a reminder to your phone, and when the ringer beeps – get up and stretch your body. In this way, you will be able to regulate your routine.

4. Prevents Backache

It can help prevent backache and help relieve muscle tension. When you do not move your body for a certain period, your muscles become tight causing strain on your body. This is where stretching comes in, when you stretch your body – your muscles loosen up relaxing the build-up tension. If you experience back pain and discomfort in your lower back – stretching can be a lifesaver. It does not take a lot of effort but the results are tremendous.

5. Regulates Sleep

Most people these days suffer from a lack of a proper sleeping routine. However, stretching your body every day for a few minutes can help regulate sleeping patterns. It releases muscle tension, which makes your body feel relaxed. Therefore, if you suffer from insomnia, stretching can help. Right before going to sleep, follow any stretching routine and minimize the use of screens.

Safe Stretching Tips

Stretching seems like an easy task, and it is, but you have to follow a pattern for improved results. Here are a few tips that you can follow!

  • Before starting, always warm up your body. Walk or run for a few minutes so that your body is warmed up before the stretch routine.
  • While you are stretching the body, focus on your breathing.
  • Do not make your body workout more than it can bear. You do not have to feel pain in your body for a successful session. Just the right amount of mild tension will do the job.
  • Focus on your posture, if you are standing. Stand tall and do it correctly and carefully. If you are sitting, then start with the correct posture.

Final Words

Proper stretching of your body can be extremely beneficial. For example, when you make your body do it, the blood flow increases ensuring a proper flow of oxygen throughout the body. It can give you a boost of energy. Apart from this, stretching can also help reduce stress and anxiety as studies have shown a direct link between improved mental health due to exercise. However, one has to religiously follow a stretching routine to get the desired results. On top of this, it is equally important to follow a safe stretch routine. You can watch a handful of tutorials before beginning.

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