Twitter has confirmed it recently began testing the ability to edit a tweet after sending it, with Twitter Blue subscribers getting access to the feature soon.

What’s happening? Twitter is now testing an Edit Tweet feature that will launch later in September to some Twitter Blue subscribers.

Why care? Because editable tweets won’t be available to non-subscribers. The ability to edit tweets could be a strong incentive for power users to subscribe.

What to do? Write to Twitter and ask it to make the Edit Tweet feature available to non-subscribers, too, or subscribe to Twitter Blue to get the feature.

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An Edit Tweet feature is coming, will require Twitter Blue

The official Twitter account officially announced a test of the Edit Tweet feature on September 1, 2022. “If you see an edited tweet, it’s because we’re testing the edit button,” reads the tweet. “This is happening and you’ll be okay.”

The company has confirmed that the feature is currently being tested internally and will launch to some Twitter Blue subscribers later this month. Depending on user feedback, the company may expand the feature to additional users.

How do editable tweets work?

According to the Twitter blog, those who have the feature can edit a tweet “a few times” in the 30 minutes following its publication.

Edited tweets are marked with an icon, timestamp and label to denote that the original tweet has been modified. Anyone can see a history of all the edits for any edited tweet. 

Twitter said the Edit Tweet feature has been the most requested feature for many years. But as the company states, only Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to use it.

How much does Twitter Blue cost? What does it include?

Twitter Blue now costs $4.99/month in the United States after raising the subscription price from $2.99/month.

The Twitter Blue subscription includes other perks, including the ability to revoke a tweet, NFT hexagon profile images, a list of top articles shared by people you follow, the ability to customize the app’s navigation bar and more.

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